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Thursday 13th December 2018

Is Christmas in Good Taste?

Hasn't Christmas gone downhill and got terribly vulgar? Wasn't there a time when it was a celebration of real values? We review some wonderful and some gloriously awful historic and modern Christmas imagery, including Giotto's painting of the first Christmas crib, to explore the extent to which that's true.

A light-hearted historical survey of mid-winter celebrations, starting in Ancient Rome, will reveal that our traditional Christmas is a much more recent invention than we might think. But why has commerce made our modern Christmas so tacky? We will follow the evolution of kitsch from masterpiece to mantelpiece, with splendid examples of both, to prepare us to chronicle the decline of Father Christmas... No promises that we will all agree on what can be considered kitsch or in good taste!

Do join us for a jolly pre-Christmas romp through the ages on Thursday 13th December at the Memorial Centre, Whitefield Road. Coffee from 10am, lecture at 10.30. Visitors most welcome (£6)

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